Charity & Support

Charity & Support


As we launched Generativemasks in August of 2021 as a charity project, we would like to share with everyone our updates on donations here. We have a total of 5 organizations and groups to support the further sustainable development of Generative art. And we genuinely feel grateful that we had this opportunity to help grow the whole Generative art space and community with everyone. Thank you for your continued support.

The organizations that we supported are as follows:

1. Processing Foundation

Donated $190,000 to Processing Foundation.

2. Open Processing

Donated $38,000 to OpenProcessing and its community.


We’re currently in the process to be done with $38,000 support. This update should be coming soon.

4. Coolors

Donated $7,600 to Coolors.

5. Processing Community Japan

Donated 560,000 yen, roughly $5000, to the Processing Community Japan.

All of the remaining artist’s proceeds will be sent to the “Japan Generative Art Foundation” that our artist, takawo, established last April of 2022 to support various other artists and communities of Generative art for building a global network and advancing the whole gen art space. We will post the announcements and update the progress on our Discord server as well!

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